Guidelines for Move-Out Inspection

Cleaning Requirements

Limit the hassle of the move out! To maximize your deposit refund.
Follow these guidelines for a “stress-free” move out.


_____Pay any remaining balances due for rent or pre-paid cleaning with cashier’s check or money order only

_____Cancel any automatic payments that you have set up Appfolio

_____Remember the move out inspection date you have set up with our office and begin preparing now


Inspections are only scheduled between 9AM and 3PM weekdays. We do not perform pre-inspections. At the scheduled move out inspection, you must be ready to turn in all keys and will not be allowed to stay after. If you have maintained a “clean house” during your occupancy, you will have much less work to do moving out!


REQUIREMENTS: (This means these are not optional)

  1. Remove all personal items and trash from the entire property to include yard, garage and shed.City issued trash receptacles must be empty, clean and inside garage or at side of building, regardless if trash service continues beyond inspection date.


  1. Utilities (Electric, Water and Gas), must be on at the inspection and must remain on for Five (5) business days following the inspection. This does not include weekends or holidays. Failure to do so will result in a charge to have utilities turned on and a re-inspection fee to reschedule the inspection.


  1. Yard: The entire yard must be mowed, edged and trimmed 1 day prior to the move out inspection. Bushes must be trimmed.  Leaves must be removed from gutters, yard and flower beds. All bare areas and dog holes must be restored and re-established prior to moving out. Bare spots and dog holes are considered damage. Pools/hot tubs must be clean and ready for use. All animal feces must be picked up and disposed of properly prior to inspection.


  1. Carpet Cleaning: Carpets must be clean, stain and odor free, and PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED 1 day prior to the move out inspection.  A copy of the receipt must be provided to the inspector from the company that performed the service. No rental machines or handwritten receipts allowed.  If carpets do not appear to be cleaned satisfactorily, at our discretion, re-cleaning may be required at  your expense. Providing a receipt does not guarantee a passed carpet cleaning at the move out inspection. Permanent stains left on carpet are considered damage. Animal and/or human urine/feces on carpet are considered damage and is not part of normal cleaning.


  1. Cleaning: The entire house/apartment from TOP TO BOTTOM (every surface) must be cleaned and disinfected, including appliances, cabinets, garages, storage rooms, ceilings, floors, walls, windows, etc., must be free of dirt, grime, food stains, marks, hair, smudges, fireplace ashes, debris, dust, soap scum, streaks, spider webs, etc. Patios and driveways must be free from dog prints, chalk, paint, etc.


  1. A/C Filter and Smoke Alarms: A/C filter must be new and in place at the time of the inspection or you will be charged for a new one. Make sure you use the correct size. All smoke alarms will be tested at the inspection. Make sure you have working batteries in all alarms.


  • Non Carpeted Floors: Sweep, mop, clean and disinfect. Remove all hair, dirt, grime, food, etc.
  • Walls, Baseboards, doorframes: Wipe down, clean light switches and plates, wipe panels on doors. If you smoked inside the dwelling, you will need to wash all surfaces to remove tar and smoke stains.
  •  Windows/Screens: clean inside and out, clean tracks and window frame, clean bugs and dust from sill.
  •  Blinds: Wash blinds or replace them if they do not come clean or have been damaged or dented.
  •  Ceiling fans: clean entire fan, to include blades, brackets, extension pole, light fixture, bulbs, etc.
  •  Light fixtures: remove light covers and clean bugs and dust out. Wipe entire fixture including bulbs.
  •  Fireplaces: inside must be clean and free of ashes, logs, etc. Screen must be clean and wiped streak free.
  •  Refrigerator: clean inside, outside, sides, top, bottom and under. Don’t miss the grill or door seals.
  • Oven/Stovetop: clean top, bottom, sides, inside and out including knobs and surface elements. Must be free of baked on food, grease. Oven residue left in oven will not pass cleaning. Make sure it is wiped thoroughly.  Stove drip pans must be new and in place at the inspection. If not, you will be charged for new pans.
  • Vent Hood/Microwave: Clean top and underneath, wash filters to remove grease. Must be free of food/grease.
  • Cabinets/Drawers: Must be free of food and debris. Vacuum all drawers and inside cabinets. Clean food and debris from fronts of cabinets without removing stain/paint from cabinet.
  • Dishwasher: Clean entire front panel and below by floor. Clean lip of dishwasher and inside. Run through cycle to ensure inside is clean.
  • Sink/Faucets/Disposal: Clean on and around faucets, remove water stains from surfaces, clean around sink drains. Make sure disposal is free of food/debris.
  • Toilets: Clean and disinfect bowl and tank. Don’t forget the area where the toilet seat attaches to the bowl. Clean around front and base of toilet. This is where most people do not clean. The whole toilet must be cleaned. Replace toilet seat if it is stained.
  • Tub/Shower: Remove dirt, soap scum, water deposits, and mildew. Clean and disinfect.
  • Mirrors: Must be streak free.
  • Other fixtures such as towel racks and shelves: Must be wiped, clean and dust free.
  • Closets/Pantries: Must be cleaned out, wiped down and free of dirt, grime, hair, food, etc.
  • Garages:Sweep it clean. Remove cob webs, bugs, oil stains, trash, etc.
  • Patios:Sweep it clean. Power wash muddy dog prints from patios, doors, and siding.



All light bulbs must be working and specific to each fixture (vanity bulbs belong in vanity fixtures)

All doorstops must be in place and not bent or broken

Nails, hooks, decals, appliqués and screws must be removed from walls

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FILL OR TOUCH UP PAINT! Large or excessive nail holes will result in a charge to you

If you have animals, make sure your home is flea free

All items such as light bulbs, doorstops, a/c filters must be in place at the checkout inspection to avoid a service call by our maintenance department.


IMPORTANT: Living conditions affect your cleaning abilities.  Allow adequate time to clean your home. One, two, or three days is not nearly enough time to thoroughly clean a home for inspection.  Carpets may require a second cleaning to remove dirt. Animal hair, stains, or odor will result in an additional charge, as they are not considered a part of normal cleaning.

VERY IMPORTANT!: At the beginning of your inspection, our inspector will perform a cleaning check using wet wipes. The wet wipes will be wiped across your hard surface floors, blinds, ceiling fans, drawers, appliances, woodwork, doors, light fixtures, counters, toilets, etc. After you clean or pay someone to clean your home, perform your own wet wipe test and wipe every surface to ensure your home is clean prior to your inspection. When you wipe across any surface, there should be nothing on your wipe. This is the same process our inspectors will perform.


A few missed cleaning items may result in a partial cleaning charge. The inspector does not assess charges for damages or cleaning. The sole purpose of the inspection is to accurately record the condition of the property at move in or move out.



Pre-paying Hunter Rentals for cleaning and/or carpet cleaning prior to vacating is a popular and convenient option for renters and a great way to save $50 off the normal cost of a full home cleaning. Pre-payment fulfills your cleaning obligations and the cleaning team assumes full responsibility for the cleaning of your home. No checks accepted. Online payments for pre-paid cleanings must be completed 2 weeks prior to vacating.

The prices listed below are for NORMAL cleanings only and include sales tax.  Excessively dirty or larger homes will require an additional charge at our discretion. **Note: All prices are subject to change without notice These are separate and not a part of normal cleaning: Animal hair, odor & stain removal, trash left anywhere inside or out.  


CLEANING ONLY:   Includes kitchen, living room, & up to 2 bathrooms. Each additional room is $25.


Pre-Paid Discount Full Price-Deducted From Deposit
5 Bedroom House/Duplex – Cleaning only $375.00 $425.00
4 Bedroom House/Duplex – Cleaning only $350.00 $400.00
3 Bedroom House/Duplex – Cleaning only $325.00 $375.00
2 Bedroom House/Duplex – Cleaning only $300.00 $350.00
1 Bedroom House/Duplex – Cleaning only $275.00 $325.00
3 Bedroom Apartment/Townhome – Cleaning only $325.00 $375.00
2 Bedroom Apartment/Townhome – Cleaning only $300.00 $350.00
1 Bedroom Apartment/Townhome – Cleaning only $275.00 $325.00



Pre-Paid Discount Full Price-Deducted From Deposit
8 Room & Hall – Carpet Cleaning only $145.00 $150.00
7 Room & Hall – Carpet Cleaning only $135.00 $140.00
6 Room & Hall – Carpet Cleaning only $125.00 $130.00
5 Room & Hall – Carpet Cleaning only $115.00 $120.00
4 Room & Hall – Carpet Cleaning only $105.00 $110.00
3 Room & Hall – Carpet Cleaning only $95.00 $100.00
2 Room & Hall – Carpet Cleaning only $85.00 $90.00
1 Room & Hall – Carpet Cleaning only $75.00 $80.00



Pre-Paid Discount Full Price-Deducted From Deposit
8 Room & Hall & Stairs – Carpet Cleaning only $155.00 $160.00
7 Room & Hall & Stairs – Carpet Cleaning only $145.00 $150.00
6 Room & Hall & Stairs — Carpet Cleaning only $135.00 $140.00
5 Room & Hall & Stairs — Carpet Cleaning only $125.00 $130.00
4 Room & Hall & Stairs — Carpet Cleaning only $115.00 $120.00
3 Room & Hall & Stairs – Carpet Cleaning only $105.00 $110.00
2 Room & Hall & Stairs – Carpet Cleaning only $95.00 $100.00
1 Room & Hall & Stairs – Carpet Cleaning only $85.00 $90.00

Minimum carpet cleaning charges are $75 for single room or stairs, etc.

Carpet cleaning does NOT include vacuuming or stain removal. If you only pre-pay for carpet cleaning, make sure carpet is vacuumed. Above prices are inclusive of sales tax.

PRICE LIST–The following are minimum charges should items be found deficient at move out.


Light bulbs  $5 – $15

Window screen  $65 – $100

Stove Hood Filter  $45

Each Blind  $40 – $150

Mow, trim and edge yard    $75 and up

Satellite dish removal     $300

Doorstops    $8 – $12

Trim and edge yard  $40 and up

Re-inspection fee  $50

A/C Filter   $25

Smoke det. battery $15

Carbon monoxide det. battery  $15

Each Drip Pan  $10

Clogged drains, toilets $95

Min. carpet stain removal  $100

Trash removal  $100 and up

No electricity or water   35 each  

Animal/Human odor     $100 minimum

Animal hair removal   $150 minimum

Animal feces removal from yard   $65 and up

Power Washing    $65 and up

A/C service call for dirty filter  $200

Pest control fleas/roaches   $150 min

Items charged are inclusive of material purchase, stocking, delivery, installation, labor charge, and applicable tax. Deficiencies not listed above will incur additional separate charges.

Residents are expected to leave the home clean throughout including the garage, yard, sheds, etc. Residents are responsible for any damage to the unit as a result of misuse, abuse or neglect. Please ensure the home is clean and ready for the next renter. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Security deposit statements are processed within 30 days of surrender of keys as allowed by law.