Rental Policies & Application Guidelines

  • To view available properties: If property is ready now, you may sign out a key with a $20 per key (3 key max) deposit. Keys must be returned within 3 hours. If keys are returned within the time frame and money is not picked up within 24 hours, all money will be forfeited.
  • We work on a first come, first serve basis. When the application is submitted, we require a $50 (non-refundable) application fee, deposit (refundable) listed for a specific property, income verification, and orders. The application fee and application deposit must be paid separately. All move in expenses must be paid by money order or cashier’s check only. Applications must be completed in full. No blank spaces.
  • WE RUN CREDIT REPORTS AND CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECKS ON ALL PROSPECTIVE APPLICANTS. At our discretion, we will require a higher deposit. We will not accept bankruptcies discharged under two years.
  • Gross monthly income must be a minimum of three and one half times the monthly rent amount (3 1/2), (excluding BAS for military). Debt to income ratio will affect minimum requirements.
  • Proof of income must be provided before the application can be processed. If you are military, a current end of the month LES will suffice. If Fort Hood is your new duty station, a copy of PCS orders is required. Handwritten pay stubs are not acceptable. If self-employed, most recent tax return or W-2 is required. No co-signers or guarantors. Non-military applicants must be employed locally for a minimum of six months. 4 most recent paystubs must be provided if non-military.
  • Occupancy limit is 2 persons per bedroom. However, we only allow two roommates maximum per property.
  • Roommates must qualify individually for properties. We do not combine incomes to meet income requirements for roommates. Separate deposits will be required for roommates. Two-roommate maximum per property.
  • Animals are only allowed in certain properties and at our discretion. Animal deposit required, before the animal is brought to the property, is $500 per animal, maximum two animals, and is refundable. (See our Animal Policy on our website).
  • We do not rent to high risk, unstable occupations. All income must be verifiable. Reasons for denial include, but are not limited to the following: criminal history, current income, rental history, falsifying information, etc.